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PBP: Meandering Medusa

June 29, 2012

Medusa has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.  A beautiful woman raped by a god and changed by another god into…something else, something liminial, something vengeful, something unattainable.  Some say Medusa is Athene’s shadow self.  What if it wasn’t a mortal that Poseidon raped in the temple but Athene?  Her rage and betrayal so great that her shadow self materialized.  Unable to kill the shadow since it was part of herself, she sends another to do the deed and keeps the head as a reminder of the consequences of unrestrained divine anger.

No matter what the truth, Medusa is a fascination that endures, even in modern times.

Meandering Medusa

A warrior in frenzy
wearing a snaked mask
negative double, la Serpentine
shadowed woman
unapproachable desire
Poseidon’s scapegoat
vision of death, unseen
unapproachable scythe
maker of stone guests
castrator of man
mirror of violence
guardian of the terrifying
nocturnal gatekeeper
fount of:
-deadly cure
-noxious meanders
-flying horse
-golden warrior
evil eye incarnate
flautists lament


“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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