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Review: Kiss the Dead

June 27, 2012

by Laurell Hamilton

Finally!  My favorite character gets to do something besides have sex!  Yeah!  This is my favorite series but lately the books have been all about Anita learning to cope with the changes in her life and completely leaving out her “business” side.  I missed the action.  Sex is great but nothing but sex in books palls after a while.  If I wanted to read that, I’d borrow my mother’s romance books.  While I would not say that this is up to the standards of the start through middle of the series, it is much closer than it has been recently.  Also the book is shorter than I would like, but then I’m greedy like that…I want it to keep going.

In this book Anita is back to working with Zerbrowski, Dolph and the rest of the RPIT gang along with SWAT to stop a group of “masterless” vampires.  A new character, Marshal Brice, shows some interesting possibilities.  Larry has become a moral twat, his wife is preachy, Arnet is still annoyingly single, Asher goes too far, Anita does not get any new lovers and Richard makes no appearance.  Beyond that I’m afraid of giving away spoilers.

One of these days, I’m going to start at the beginning and write down all the terrific quotes from this series… (yeah I’ve been threatening this for YEARS).  One of the quotes worth commenting upon:

 “…anyone whoever said love conquers all was a fucking liar.  Love is a good place to start but it’s a start, not an end.”

Yeah, what Anita said.

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