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PBP: The Lightning’s Makers

June 7, 2012

Born of Gaia, brothers of Hekatonkheires,
bearing a single eye in their forehead,
strength and might are their works.
These are the lightning’s makers

First born Brontes, he who thunders loudly,
followed quickly by Steropes, he who bolts,
and lastly, the vivid bright Arges.
Three Kyklopes, children of earth and sky.

Despised by their bronzed father and
forced into dark, dreary underworld
the very day of their first breath
never seeing the light of day.

Angered, Gaia made within herself a stone,
which was then knapped by the three,
into the shape of a sickle, a genital’s downfall,
gifted to their Titan sibling along with hope.

Finally allowed to see the light of day,
only to be forcibly returned in chains
by the new king and thankless brother,
repeating the errs of the sky father.

Darkly the brothers worked and waited,
soothed only by their mother’s promises,
another would break them out,
another would set them free.

When that time came, the three had gifts
useful gifts, gifts of thanksgiving, gifts of war
and an altar, an altar for the mother
who never gave up on their freedom.

Set free, as Gaia promised, by a child of the king,
the youngest offspring, the rebel, the hidden one,
there to set right the wrongs of the fathers,
there to set all his uncles free from the depths.

The altar heavy with offerings was set in the sky,
gifts given with heart-felt thanksgiving,
the greatest of which fit only for a savior king,
for the Kyklopes are the lightning’s makers.

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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