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PBP: Zeus Katharsios

May 25, 2012

So in picking out my k-word to discuss today, I did the usual dictionary thing and came up with katharsis (catharsis).  The word is Greek derived from kathairein meaning to purge, from katharos meaning pure.  This reminded me of Zeus Katharsios, God of Purification or Atoning (though I’ve also seen this epithet defined as Councelor and Cleansing).  I was a bit amused because the “scapegoat” I did last night for Thargelia is a form of purification so having this epithet come up is rather unsurprising.  Ancient Greeks did purifications whenever miasma of some type was encountered.  I have issues with the idea of miasma because it reminds me too much of the Christian concept of sin.  (Personally, if I’m feeling unwell whether emotionally or physically, I stay away from my altars.  I try to be at least clean if not nicely dressed when I approach the Gods.  I clean my altars as needed and doing witchy purification stuff when my home feels dirty.  So far that has worked for me.  For more on miasma and katharmos from a recon Hellenic perspective, read Leslie Madytinou’s article.  I’m told it is rather well written.  Every time I try, I get a pounding headache…my own issues coming to the fore I’m sure.)

I really could not find much on Zeus Katharsios.  From my previous notes, I know that this epithet relates to Zeus Melikhios.  I know he presided over purifications of various types (washing hands in blood of sacrifice, dios kodion or fleece of Zeus, bathing in sea water,etc.).  For the nitty gritty details, see the notes I took on the Khthonic Zeus.  Instead I figured I’d ask Zeus directly what he wanted me to share on this epithet.  How new agey of me…  🙂  When I can’t find what I want to know, I’m slowly learning to ask the source…sometimes I even get answers that make sense.  As with all tarot readings, YMMV.  Call this UPG if you will.  This was not an easy reading I assure you…reminded me all too well of my own transgressions that I have failed to address.

For what reasons would someone reach out to this “aspect” of you? (Quintessence for this section is Death:  endings before new beginnings)

Moon:  self-reflection, accepting responsiblity

4 of Coins:  when overly concerned with the physical:  sex, gluttony, money, etc.

Lady of Staffs:  to honor, offer respects, appreciation

8 of Swords:  when overwhelmed by feelings of repression, anger, alienation, isolation

Devil:  when needing to face/deal/incorporate shadow self

King of Staffs:  when needing to manage animal passions

9 of Swords:  when overcoming/facing fears

3 of Vessels:  when in need of emotional support

What should we know about Zeus Katharsios? (Quintessence for this section is Emperor:  grounds/stabilizes/anchor/lifeline)

Knight of Pentacles:  protector, advisor, steadfast

Judgment:  healer; expects you to right your wrongs

2 of Staffs:  purifies your inner flame, helps you begin anew

King of Swords:  guard of truth

What should we know about this process? (Quintessence for this section is Fool: the guide into new life)

3 of Swords:  pain’s purpose is to open the way for growth

5 of Vessels:  I do what is needed to nurture and strengthen

Lovers:  my goal for you is harmony and intergration

7 of Coins:  your purpose is to evolve into a higher state of being

So it seems that this is less scary than the idea of miasma and the need for purification.  YMMV  Quintessence for the overall reading is Hanged Man:  looking at things from a different perspective.

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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  1. Apollodorosh permalink
    May 26, 2012 1:52 AM

    I find it quite strange that you feel míasma is similar to the Christian concept of “sin”, because it really is nothing alike.


    • May 26, 2012 7:53 AM

      I did say it was my own issues coming to the for…I understand it is the idea of cleanliness and the mortal sphere not mixing well with the divine. Maybe it is the whole idea of strictness to it. I’m not sure but it really…bothers me I guess and it is that similarity that mixes with the Christian concept.



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