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May 25, 2012
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Zeus’ lovely wife is getting her own devotional! It will be a lovely addition to the Biblotheca Alexandrina line!

Beloved in Light

Alright, since I am spearheading the compilation of the devotional anthology in honor of Hera, following is the call for submissions. I am sincerely hoping to get some of my readers to submit.. and all y’all know who you are *squinty eyes* LOL. Seriously please please submit!

Call for submissions! We are interested in a wide variety of pieces, including (but not limited to) scholarly articles, short fiction, poetry, original translations of ancient texts, hymns, rituals, recipes, and artwork that pertains to Hera, her Roman counterpart Iuno (Juno), and her Etruscan counterpart Uni.

We strongly encourage those interested in submitting to explore the many facets of this complex goddess in their work, including but not limited to

– Hera as Queen of Heaven, and the meaning and responsibilities of that position – Hera as Queen of the Gods, and her relationships with other members of the pantheon – Hera as…

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