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Zeusday puzzle

May 24, 2012

So today’s tarot reading left me  puzzled.  I did it this morning and think I finally figured it out a little while ago.  I did the reading with Zeus’ dedicated deck, Alchemical Tarot (1), and then to get help figuring it out, with my guides’ deck, Wildwood Tarot (2).  Italics is my thoughts this evening.

  1. Situation
    1. Emperor – his day; FATHER who wants his children honored/remembered
    2. 4 of Bows/Celebration:  Zeusday; start of a festival/celebration
  2. Do
    1. 9 of Staffs – sacrifice something; scapegoat
      1. Clarifier – 5 of Swords – strike while the iron is hot
      2. Has this happened yet?  Sun – Today
      3. What needs to be sacrificed – Connections? Connection to scapegoat
    2. Knight of Bows/Fox – be clever, leave the old ways
      1. Clarifier – 7 of Vessels/Mourning – death of someone/thing; clearing out the old
      2. What do I mourn? Journey – death/endings; let go of that which is done
      3. What has ended? 3 of Bows/Fullfilment – ?; milestone reached
  3. Don’t Do
    1. Lady of Swords – don’t do composing; physically do something, don’t make it all mental
    2. Three of Arrows/Jealousy – do not be afraid

I also asked my guides:

What is this about?  9 of Arrows/Dedication – ?; it is about making the time and effort to honor spiritual commitments.

What do I do? 10 of Bows/Responsibility – shoulder responsibility; the function of scapegoats is to take on everything that is bad/negative for a group of people.  That is a huge undertaking for both the scapegoat and those that put that responsibility on to the scapegoat.  It could also be about be responsible for acting on the behalf of my “village”.

So what did I decide this reading was about?  Thargelia.  A two day festival that celebrates the birth of Artemis and Apollo.  I celebrate this festival on May 24th and 25th.  I wasn’t going to do it.  Partially out of laziness, partially because I was not feeling it, partially because it seemed unimportant and partially because I forgot.  I remembered this evening as I was putting my son to bed what today was.  So I helped my son sing Happy Birthday to Artemis.

I then was going to print out paper dolls, one male and one female, to act as scapegoats but felt uncomfortable with that.  The idea of even in effigy making a human take what I see as negative just so that they can be destroyed was abhorrent.  So I took two small, plain sheets of tissue paper.  One one I wrote what I would like to get rid of for me personally.  I tried to be thorough and general yet not too vague or to broad. On the second sheet, I wrote down what I would like to see gone from my family, immediate and extended.  I then went outside and burned those tissue papers.  I then lite some pine incense for Artemis and sung her happy birthday.  It wasn’t much but I did physically do something and did it different than of old.  I’m just a little freaked at how I almost missed it, how important this felt and how much this reading makes sense when looked through the Thargelia lens.

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