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Paper gifts

May 18, 2012
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So I’ve been having some fun with paper gifts.  First was the paper bows I put upon packages.  I print out the template from Ellinee Journal.  One I did at regular size the other (on the red box) at a reduced size.  I traced them onto paper, cut them out and assembled.  Easy to do though the cutting can be a bit time consuming if you do not have the right type of scissors.

Yellow bow is full-sized and the white is reduced size. Both out of card stock.

For Mother’s Day, I have out paper flower balls.  The template also came from Ellinee Journal.  I assembled 4 of the flowers into a ball using metallic thread, sequins and small beads.  Quite a bit of cutting but everyone seemed to like them.

Made from 4 flowers

I used regular weight paper on three of the flowers and card stock on the fourth.  The only reason for this was the colors.  However, the card stock, while harder to glue, did hold the curl on the petals better than the other paper.

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