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I support religious freedom

May 2, 2012

Today is International Pagan Coming Out Day.  It is sad that we even need this.

All Pagans want is the same rights Christians have…to practice in peace.  May people learn to see past their dogma to things as they truly are.

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  1. heraqles permalink
    May 2, 2012 12:15 PM

    Yes we want the same religious rights as christians truth be told they do not want us to have these rights because of who we worship. Christians can barely tolerate other christians let alone Pagans. We must demand tbe right to worship in the manner we choose. We demand the right to worship who we revere an honor!


  2. May 2, 2012 7:22 PM

    Shit, how did I miss _that_?? I happened to wear all my old “witchy” necklacces today, so there’s that at least.


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