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PBP: Ino’s message

April 27, 2012

Take this child, Madame,
raise him along side your own.
He is your nephew, son of Semele,
for her ignorance ended her mortal life.
You are commanded to keep him safe.
Let not the eyes of the sun nor of the moon
alight upon his masculine form.
What the lightning did not do to the babe,
the jealousy of his angry searcher may and
the price will be the lives of your loved ones.
However, receive him graciously, nurture him truly
and your reward will be as great as the task.
You alone of your sisters shall be made proud.
You shall be one of the Nereides,
daughter of Nereus and happier for it,
with your son safe in Seabluehair’s realm.
Keeper of calm waters, Mistress of good voyage,
merchants will praise your immortal name
while the child shall guide the coachs of Hippios.

"a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging"

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