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Deck Interview: Wildwood Tarot

April 23, 2012

Is it possible to fall in love with a deck?  ‘Cause I very may well be…I’ve felt enthusiasm for decks before but this…overwhelming at times.  The feeling of love and support from it, is mind boggling which is very confusing to my logical mind.  (It thinks I’ve finally lost “it”…Hubby tells me it is sanity…)  Ah well at least these are good feelings…there are worse ways to go nuts.  🙂

Any way I used my Deck Interview spread and guess what?!  I remembered to take a picture!  I know, shocking isn’t it?

Interview spread with a couple additional cards

  1. Most Important Characteristic:  8 of Vessels/Rebirth – to use what has come before to help you move forward
  2. Can do:  6 of Arrows/Transition – can help you through transitions, big and small
  3. Can’t do:  3 of Stones/Creativity – can’t fill you with the energy to do, only point the way
  4. Curriculum:  6 of Stones/Exploitation – (Note:  the authors’ definition for this card in the deck is one of the few I dislike because it seems like a political point and not a definition.  YMMV) to get you past pessimism and into looking at things in a more positive/productive point of view
  5. How use:  Green Woman – This is the card where love and such started pouring out so I wasn’t sure how to interpret the card and the feelings together…use it to connect with my Goddess?  To get through her challenges?  Use as an every day deck?
    1. Clarifier:  10 of Stones/Home – love, family, mundane details;  to get through everyday life?
  6. Final thoughts:  4 of Bows/Celebration – joy at coming together?  Need for interaction?  Such exuberant energy pours from this card.
  7. Who works through these cards:  6 of Vessels/Reunion – ancestors
  8. Shall this deck work together with Animals Divine?  King of Arrows/Kingfisher – this would bring about more clarity.
    1. How?  Polestar – blend them together for navigation  (card not shown in picture as I thought of this question later)

Q = 63 = 9:   The Hooded Man – meditation, communication, illumination

For shit and grins, I checked the bottom of the deck to see what the basis of the reading is…8 of Bows/Hearthfire – communing and bonding in fellowship


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  1. April 24, 2012 8:24 AM

    I like this deck a lot, too, although honestly I haven’t used it much, but its a really original deck, and while it is far from perfect, it touches on a lot of themes that are constantly rattling around my head.


    • April 24, 2012 8:29 AM

      I dislike the court cards, but then that isn’t unusual for me. I find court cards to be a real challenge. The Aces in this deck are troublesome which is unusual for me. But the rest is quite wonderful!


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