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April Dark Moon reading

April 21, 2012

I didn’t realize until now that I used the wrong spread…ah well.  This is my full moon spread instead of my dark moon spread.  (See tarot spreads tab under the header) It seems to be an affirmation of the reading I did on Thursday.

  1. Balance – 5 of Pentacles:  need to be more aware; let by-gones be by-gones
  2. Spiritual focus – High Priestess:  Give and receive fully; open yourself up
    1. clarifier – 2 of Cups:  build relationships trust
    2. who? – Magician:  guides
    3. how? – release your fears
  3. Contemplate – 3 of Swords:  no more worrying like a dog with a bone; hope and optimism
  4. Do – 7 of Pentacles:  invest time and energy and be patient
  5. Leave – Page of Wands:  leave behind the masks/shields
  6. Bring – Knight of Pentacles:  patience
  7. Affirmation – Heirophant:  I open myself to my guides/guardians/ancestors without fear.  I live in the moment aware of surroundings and subtlies.

Q = 44 = 8 = Strength – I can do this.

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