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Thea’s Spread for Zeusday

April 19, 2012

So last night I read “True Colors” novella by Thea Harrison, part of her Elder Races series.  Not a bad book, just too short (which means too much crammed into 150 pages).  In it there was a divination spread that I decided to try today.  Ends up being a rather strong spread.  Very useful I think.  (Damn, I forgot to take a pic again, sorry.)

6     3     7

4     1     5


  1. Primary Force (which every card in the spread revolves around) – 6 of Coins:  Give without expectation, receive graciously.
  2. Where I am coming from – Lady of Staffs:  giving of passion in a scattered manner.
  3. What I am going toward – Heirophant:  receiving initiation?  Sharing my knowledge?
    1. Clarifier – 5 of Coins:  pay attention, you are not realizing what has been/is/will be given to you.
  4. Positive Forces – Moon:  receive the Great Goddess; be receptive to your intuition.
  5. Negative Forces – 2 of Coins:  you are holding on too tightly, let yourself go, relax
  6. Future Influence – Devil:  you are trapped in your own negativity.  Let go and accept integration.
  7. Future Influence – 4 of Coins:  give, give, give and give some more. Stop hording material things.

Ummm yeah.  Wow. Ouch.  This is one of those readings that one is very tempted to NOT share.  I am materialistic.  It is something I adsorbed from my childhood.  While I love to receive, I also tend to worry about what is expected or how to return the generosity or if it has strings attached or…  

My husband is very generous, not only materially but also in the intangible ways, and I do try to emulate him.  Obviously not well enough lately.  I feel trapped in my own head due to my insomnia (I am looking into the tryptophan suggestion).  I feel disconnected, like I’ve missed my transfer or boat or plane or something…<head desk>  Due to an earlier reading, I have worked on cutting down on Facecrack.  Now I need to see if I can loosen up enough to find what I’ve missed…

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