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PBP: Holy Days

April 19, 2012

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

So did my usual word hunt in the dictionary for this week.  Landed on the page for holiday.  At first I discounted it as I do not see the times that I honor the gods as holidays.  Holidays are typically loud, boisterous and done with others.  I’m solitary.  While I am a loud mouth, rarely are these times loud or boisterous.  But then I felt the urge to take another look and was reminded that originally it was “holy day”.  Ahhhhh.  I get it.  Silly me.  For me these days are a way of marking time, of turning the wheel of the year.  In the winter, I need every milestone to get me through the time of dark and cold.  In the summer, I need the reminder to enjoy the warmth for it never stays.  It is my way of trying to live in the present and looking forward, instead of looking back.

So below is my Holy Day list that changes slightly from year to year as I add things I want to try or take away things that didn’t work.  I like to pin holy days down to a set schedule instead of floating with the variable ancient calendar.  YMMV.  I’ve heard arguments for both sides.  This is what I feel comfortable with since I have not been given any indication to the contrary from the Gods.  (I think they are forward looking and not as anachronistic as some seem to think.)

Daily I take the crystal jar from the ancestor shrine and water my plants.  I then refill it with fresh water and stop at each shrine, sprinkling drops on the altar stone in thanksgiving for the day.  I return the jar to the ancestor altar telling them I remember and honor them.  If my son sees me do this, he has a little song that I taught him that he/we sing.

Monthly things that I do:

Every Thursday – Zeus
Full Moon – Hekate
Dark Moon – day Zeus Soter and the dead, night Hekate
First sliver of moon – Noumenia – all the gods
2nd day of sliver – guides and Agathos Daimon

Below is the yearly list of holy days, who to honor sometimes with explanation or suggestions

Jan 1st – Honor all the Gods similar to Noumenia, give out good luck charms
Feb 1st – Theogamia, Zeus and Hera’s anniversary
Feb 2 – Demeter’s renewal, Matronela? leave out himation
Feb 14th – Aphrodite, love of pets
March 17th – Dionysos, nymphs/fey, Pagan ancestors
March full moon – Pandia/Zeus
Mid-March – Equinox – Persephone starts her progress, Mother Goddess/Galaxia
Easter Eve – Honor Hermes
April 4-10 – Honor the Mother
April 22 – Earth Day, pour libations for Gaia, Artemis and nymphs
May Day –Welcome Kore, give May day flowers in her name. Burn corn dolly!
May 24 – Artemis Birthday, scape goats
May 25—Apollo Birthday, feast
End of May – Memorial Day, soldiers, Ares, Athene, Aphrodite-Columbia
Summer Solstice – Kore, Demeter, Artemis, Apollo, muses, Zeus, Helios
July 4th – celebrate democracy and those who fought for it, Athene, Ares, Zeus, Aphrodite-Columbia
July 30th – Pompia – Zeus, give thanks for the coming harvest
August 1st – First Fruits Festival, Demeter, Persephone, Zeus, Hades
August 13th – Festival of Torches, tie a ribbon asking for Hekate’s help/blessing on a fence or tree, decorate a tree with her (edible) symbols, offer a symbolic part for healing
End of August — Labor Day, Hephaestus, Aphrodite-Columbia
Mid-September – Equinox, Harvest Festival (Demeter, Dionysos), Kore’s Progress to Hades, gates open allowing the dead to wander, from now to Halloween, remember ancestors, eat pork, letter to dead, make corn dolly
October 31st—Halloween, Kore’s going away party, Hermes and Hekate, ancestors;.
November 1st – All Hallows, mourn with Demeter, Toast Hades and Persephone, ancestors
November dark moon – Hekate
Thanksgiving/Apatruia – appreciating family and counting your blessings. Offerings to Zeus and Hestia.
Heliogenna Day one: Honor the Protogonoi and Nature spirits/Nymphs/elementals/Fey
Heliogenna Day two: Honor all Olympians
Heliogenna Day three : Honor the Chthonic deities and the blessed dead
Heliogenna Day four : Demeter’s reunion with Persephone who also brings Helios back up.
Heliogenna Day Five (Winter Solstice): Helios has risen!
Heliogenna Day six: Spring will come! Honor Demeter and all mothers.
Heliogenna Day seven: Day of Thanksgiving. Count your blessings. Give thanks where it is due. (floating day)
Heliogenna Day eight & nine (12/24 & 25): Honor family and friends
For new year’s – Purchase good luck charms to give out at the beginning of the new year.

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