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March 21, 2012

Just wanted to mention that I have been published in three different venues that I do not have up on my published page (see link below header for others) as of yet.  I tend not to put them up there until after I have hard copies which I haven’t purchased as of yet.

Eternal Haunted Summer E-zine has recently published a book review I did on Grave Mercy by Robin LeFevers.  I rather enjoyed that book.  Go to the review for details.

I have a story in The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

I have a Wheel of the Year article in Queen of the Sacred Way: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Persephone also from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

As an FYI for you writers out there, there are three calls for submissions for devotionals to Hermes, Athene and a Pagan Science Fiction anthology. See here for details.

There is also a call for submissions for a devotional in honor of heroes.  See Aedes Sidus blog for details.

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  1. March 21, 2012 6:23 PM

    WOW! Busy lady – I’m super impressed.


    • March 21, 2012 6:29 PM

      The review I turned in last week but the others have been in the works for about a year…so not really. 🙂


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