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Window Blackboard

March 14, 2012

One of my favorite blogs is My Repurposed Life.  I love looking at the ideas she comes up with using old furniture.  Due to my shoulders, I can’t take on alot of the projects she does but there is one that I was able to talk my husband into doing for me.

We live in a Victorian-style shotgun house.  Recently we installed new windows in our dining room.  So I talked the hubby into turning one of the old windows into a blackboard.

Just as I was starting to sand the window.

It was after I sanded the window that I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to do the rest.  So I shmoozed my honey….and taped off the window for him.

after adding primer

He then painted it with primer.

the first layer of paint

Once it was dry, he painted the window a pale peach color.

after adding the white wash and removing the tape

He then lightly white washed the window so that the peach color only barely peeps through.  I then removed the tape, scraped off any paint on the glass and retaped it.  This time covering up the wood.

chalkboard side of the window

Hubby then sprayed chalkboard paint onto the windows on one side.  Then he rigged up some copper wire for hanging the window next to my desk. (unfortunately the window seems to blend into the unpainted wall behind it…)

dry erase side of the window

Turning the window over allows it to be used for dry erase markers too.

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