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Review: Parasol Protectorate, vol 2

March 12, 2012
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(Reveiw of volume one can be found here.)

In comparison to the first two books, Books 4 & 5l (Heartless & Timeless), where not as good.  Book 4 is about on par with book 3 and Book 5 was better, closer to book 1 & 2.  These books did not seem to have a much humor as the first two books either.  That being said, I still rather enjoyed the books.  They just were not as enthralling as the start of the series.

Heartless finds Alexia 8 months pregnant with her infant inconvenience.  A unique solution is found to deal with the vampires attempts at assissinating her person in order to end said inconvenience.  The assassination attempt on queen is prevented.  A hive is made to swarm to an unlike location requiring said occupants to relocate.  A person is forced into droneage.  A secret is revealed and maintained.  And the Maccon child is born.  Can’t say any more than that without giving away details…

Timeless finds the Maccons two years older than the previous book.  A summons from Egypt, sends the Maccons for a visit and there they learn more about the God Breaker Plague, Alexia’s father, her child’s talents and preternaturals.  Biffy finds love and a new form.  The Scottish pack loses and gains a Beta.  Lord Maccon learns the secret and plans for retirement.  Someone most unexpected becomes a vampire.  There you go…teasers but few details.  Enjoy.

My understanding is that the next two series by this author involves Alexia’s child and a finishing school set 25 years before the Parasol Protectorate…will be waiting, not so patiently, for the next book(s).

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