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PBP: A story of Endymion

March 9, 2012

Or “Man in the Moon”

The man in the moon? Eh, there is no man in the moon but there is the image of one upon it…

Sit down, sit down. Grandma Cece will tell you…

There once was a prince who fled his home…the sun had not quite left the heavens.

Why? Some heartache or embarrassment or some such thing I would imagine…now hush. Where was I? Oh yes. He fled into the coming night and was set upon by thieves. The only one to see his dire predicament was Mene.  He…

What? What do they teach you in school?! Mene!  The moon!

The prince called out to Mene, “oh bright one aid me and I will do you much honor!” His opponents became moonstruck for long enough that he was able to overcome them and escape. Now this prince had always had an interest in the skies, an amateur astronomer you might say. So to honor Mene, he vowed to stay with her until she returned to that exact place in the sky that she was when she aided him.

At first he thought this would mean just 28 days, which was perfect as it allowed him to avoid home for all that time. Yet when that time period was up, he realized that the moon was not at the same place in the sky that she was when he started his observations. He could not leave the fields until she reached that spot again or be forsworn. So he moved into an old hut and lived like a common sheep herder. When Mene was found in the sky, the prince was there looking up at her. Often he would be found in a field asleep, bathed in the bright rays of Mene. When she was not to be seen, he was going about the princely business of livin’.

In this manner, the prince spent 50 lunar cycles staring up at Mene in fulfillment of his vow. At its completion,he erected a pillar dedicated to Selene, the bright one who defended him at a time when he needed it most. Upon becoming king, he even commemorated this vow with games every 50 lunar months. Later, he chose as his successor which ever son that won in these games. Some say that this is the actually start of the Olympics. Zeus was a late comer to those….

Eh? What? How does this relate to the man on the moon? Haven’t you figured it out?  The prince was Endymion.  His piety was so admired by Mene, who he called Selene, that she had the image of his face seared on to that floating rock in his memory. The once clear features have been worn down over time, of course but…

That isn’t what your teachers say? Well then why are you asking me? Don’t you think I’ve got better things to do then waste your time?! Kids these days…get on with you!

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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