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February is finally winding down

February 27, 2012

And I’m so glad…For a short month, it seems to drag on forever.  Good news is that my son’s birthday party appeared to go well for the most part.  I decorated his cake on only 2 hours of sleep (my body has adjusted to the drug I was taking after about a month so instead of increasing the dosage, I’m trying other things and hope to only take it when desperate)…it isn’t perfect but doesn’t look too bad.

Funniest comment: "It looks like a cabbage patch storm trooper!"

His birthday was stormtrooper themed.  Since my son keeps telling me that he is a “good” storm trooper, this party was sponsored by SAVE – Stormtroopers Against Vader & Emperor.  The helmet on the cake was done by using a template that I made from a printout I found on the internet and a toothpick for outlining so I knew where to put the icing.

In other news, I’ve started stitching “Hoppy Tea Party” and have been eyeing some books that I SO want to read…now if I can just convince my son to put together his own lego Star War pieces…

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  1. EduDad permalink
    February 27, 2012 10:19 AM

    I feel the same way about February. It’s almost over!


  2. February 27, 2012 1:24 PM

    If you actually take a look at things in the Star Wars universe as they apply to the first three movies, the Rebels are actually the bad guys. So really, all storm troopers are good storm troopers. 🙂


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