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Dark Moon Reading – 2/21

February 21, 2012

February has been a rough month for me.  I hate this month with a passion.  Finding energy to do anything productive is hard.  I’ve let all my religious observances slide.  I’ve been worrying about my sister and a friend.  Jobs that we though were in place have poofed.  So any temptation to give money to others is tempered by the fact that I don’t know where money in our future is going to be.  Going on my third month of no period probably isn’t helping matters.  Hormones are all out of wack.  So all in all this has been an extremely stressful month.

I’m attempting to get things back on track by doing my dark moon ritual.  Below is my divination results using Pearls of Wisdom Tarot.

  1. Let go – Ace of Pentacles:  Let go of your need to be all things to everyone.
  2. Keep – Star:  Keep hoping, stay positive, keep your willingness to help out…just let go of your ego
  3. To Come – Ace of Swords:  a chance in the near future to be actively helpful/productive
  4. World’s Affect on me – 5 of Pentacles:  Overwhelmed by the needs of others yet retrained by practicalities
  5. Give – Temperance:  give what you can, when you can; in moderation, be practical
  6. Receive – 4 of Swords:  Receive solace, inner peace.
  7. Learn – Knight of Swords:  Learn to strike while the iron is hot, to answer when opportunity knocks
    1. 2 of Wands:  follow your intuition when making decisions

Q = Strength

I don’t feel strong.  I feel tire and weepy.   At least I’m sleeping, thanks to chemistry…

Spending my energy this week on prepping for my son’s fifth birthday party on Saturday.

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