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PBP: The Dioskouroi, a sister’s tale

February 16, 2012

"a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging"

“Who is my hero?” you ask.
My brothers two.
Surprised are you not?
I’ve often felt like a bone
fought over, stolen
retaken, only to happen again.
Only my twin brothers
made me feel loved
for who I was…
not for the beauty of my face,
the curve of my waist,
the turn of my ankle,
but for the person inside.
They are my heroes.
Do you know of the first time?
They rescued me when Iwas a child.
When dancing for Artemis Orthia,
I was abducted and ravished
then left in Aphidna
with my abductor’s mother
while he pursued another.
My brothers combed Attica
leaving only the Academy unsullied
so that they could return me
to my childhood home.
Later, on Illion’s walls, I stood
searching for their banner and
surprised when it is not seen
for it was when they
slipped out on a cattle raid
that Paris abducted me.
I expected them to once again
champion my return home.
It was only later
that I heard of their passing.
Only then did I understand
the lights in the sky
that I see at every dawn
and at every dusk.
My twin pillars of flame
one in the east and
one in the west.
No matter where I am
no matter where I am taken
I always know they are there
my beloved brothers aid me
whenever and however they can.
You know them as the Dioskouroi
but I call them my heroes
my saviors, my brothers.

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