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Hymn of Zeus

February 7, 2012
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Hymn of Zeus

I am the wind in your hair
I am the storm’d cloud
I am the rumbling thunder
I am the lightning lit sky
I am the eagle on the mountain
I am the bull with crescent horns
I am the light of day
I am the pure white lily
I am the ram in rut
I am the snake in the pantry
I am the defender of the hearth
I am the unknown visitor
I am the oak on the plain
I am the guide of guides
I am the keeper of the jars
I am the shield of all who ask
I am the god who speaks with wisdom
Who made the seasons cycle
Who knows of oaths, silent and spoken
Who sees the thread before it’s cut
Who aspired and defended
I am the spark, the matrix, the beginning
I am eternal

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