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A few heart crafts

February 6, 2012

Here and there, I have been working on simple heart crafts.  The first one I took I plastic recessed can ring and wrapped it with some purple yarn that I saved from something I took apart.  The heart is made from felt.  Unfortunately the felt isn’t stiff enough to hold the shape if it moves around too much.  Very irritating.

Needs a new home.

I already had wrapped another ring with plans to do the same project and give them as gifts.  So since I didn’t like the above, I did something different.   I think it looks rather cute.

“You’ve captured my heart”

I saw an idea for a cute shirt but since my little boy doesn’t want to wear hearts (I don’t know WHY!) I adapted it to make cards for him to send to family members. I took paper heart doilies, put them on card stock and sprayed them with fabric paint.  My son will then decorate them with sequins and such.  Doesn’t the middle one (and the corresponding paper) look like a bloody valentine?  I don’t know what I’ll do with that one…

I used these paper doilies to make the below papers

My son will decorate these to send to relatives

The two pipe cleaner hearts will be attached to card stock for him to give to his teachers for Valentine’s Day.  The last time is an origami heart bookmark that I made out of some scrapbook paper.  It works great for my large stitching book. For a smaller book I would need to use probably a 4 inch square instead of the 6 inch square.  Found the tutorial here.

Origami-style heart bookmark

My not quite 5 year old has been getting hearts from a couple of the girls in his class…should I worry?  We cut them out and taped them to the pantry door in my dining room.

Hearts given to my son…not even 5 and he is getting gifts from girls!

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