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PBP: Bull Boat

January 21, 2012

"a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging"

I thought long and hard about what B-word I wanted to write about and nothing satisfied me.  Bull kept coming up, yet nothing there caught my fancy either. Bulls are one of the animals associated with Zeus (also associated with Poseidon).  It is a sacrificial animal yet also an animal found in many myths due to its strength, size and commanding presence.

I stumbled upon the story of Europa and rolled my eyes, great another story about a lover of Zeus…but something caught my eye.  I came to see Zeus was a mere player in this tale, while he got the maid, I think he was being manipulated by the only one who can…Aphrodite, Lady of Love and Lust for Zeus has never denied his need to create…  When I have time, I may look farther to see if I can figure out why she wanted Europa in Crete so badly…

Europa’s Living Boat

The Cyprian brought me a dream
A true dream in the early hours of morn
With her honey sweet touch
A dream of two lands, of two women
One was unfamiliar to me
The other like the dames of my country
Both vying for me, body and soul.
“She is mine! I bore her and nursed her.”
The strange woman rent me away saying
“The Aegis-Bear said she is mine!”
And I was not unhappy to go with her.
She filled me with desire and longing
Gladly I would be her child.
Upon waking I prayed for the chance
To find this land spirit that holds my heart.

“Europa!” my maidens, my friends called out to me
“Leave your prayers and come with us!”
To the longshore meadow we traipsed
With flower baskets in hand
To enjoy Spring’s perfumed greenery
To dance to the sound of the waves.

While they fell to plucking the yellow saffron,
I in remembering my dream
Grab the red, red rose of desire
And look up to see a bull
With silky golden skin
a white blaze between storm grey eyes
framed above by two gleaming horns
curved to shape a moon.
He came before me, oh so gentle,
Licking my neck, receiving my kiss.
Lowing sweetly, he kneels slowly,
Silently begging me to mount
His wide smooth back for a ride.

I grab his horn and settle
Cautiously onto his back
Wide, warm and soft to the touch
Only to find him at an even run
Straight down to the beach
Then into the endless, restless sea.
I grab at my wrap with my free hand
To keep from losing it to the sea
Only to have the wind fill it like a sail.
Off I flew on my living boat
My golden bull taking me
From the land of my childhood.
Is he taking me to the land of my dreams?

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