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PBP: Acorns and the World Tree

January 13, 2012

"a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging"


My history with acorns starts back in late 2005 to early 2006.  I had a dream about an acorn pendent.  So at first I thought the dream was spiritually related.  Acorns were worn by ancient priestess in various religions as a symbol of their office.  I was so excited.  Finally I thought, I have found my way into some deity’s heart.

Acorn symbolism is very vast.  Very briefly it symbolizes:  fertility, wisdom, independence, antiquity, strength, longevity, creativity, male sex, life, immortality, wisdom, longevity, growth, inspiration, abundance, youth, potential, health, vigor, plenty, authority, victory, patience, fruition, possibilities, knowledge, birth and luck.

When I found out that I was pregnant after 11 years of no birth control, I figured that my original assumption was wrong.  That the acorn symbolized my coming child.  Before I could delve into the matter farther, my world fell apart when my polyamorous relationship fell apart.  My support base that I wanted to be there, that had been in place for 6 years, was no longer there.  My other love and I were forbidden relationship beyond platonic. (His wife still refuses to allow it.  I try not to be bitter about…occasionally I succeed.)  The break-up would have been devastating even if I was not completely hormonal, but I was newly pregnant and could find no joy in it.  All I could think about was the love I was no longer allowed to act upon.  I think I sobbed more than anything else those first three months after the break-up.

Any way, I never looked any farther into the acorn symbolism.  I chalked it up to a fertility symbol and left it at that.  I had no time or brain space to deal with anything more.  Looking back I wonder though.  In October of 2007, I got back into studying deities with the ultimate hope of finding one that would call me to them.  I got Zeus and he never went away.  At some point, I’m not sure when, I asked him for a goddess to even him out so that I would not fall into a mode of spirituality similar to my childhood religion.  So Hekate came readily into my life (and she was/is so much more than I expected…see this PBP blog for more of her as I see her). Yet looking back, I think she had tried to get through to me in various ways but I never quite caught on.  (me?  Stubborn?  Whatever gave you that idea?)  I knew I had a fascination for her but somethings I learned scared me off or I figured my overactive imagination and wishful thinking were acting up.  Looking back there is a tarot reading in March of 2006, when I first started actively trying to learn the tarot, that sounded like a definite “listen up my child” yet I discounted it as an inexperience reading and wishful thinking.  How does this relate to acorns?  Both divinities include the oak tree among their symbols and acorns are the seed/nut of the oak tree.

So I think that the meaning of the acorn for me is many layered. Yet I admit to being a bit nervous whenever I wear that pendent as I do not wish for another child.  Lately however, I am pulled more and more to the image of the Oak World Tree.   Maybe my acorn has grown into a tree through the trials, tribulations and missteps I have taken along the way.  I have seen an Oak World Tree pendent on ebay that I want but it is out of my price range.  I have looked and looked and looked at various other World Tree pendents with longing but no spare money to buy.  One of my mantras not so long ago was “I am a bridge between earth and sky in service to the gods.”  The image that corresponded to this was an oak tree with my roots sunk deep into the earth and my branches lifted in praise to the gods.  I liked it so much I use the phrase in my rituals right after the purification section.

To end the meandering route of this post through the past, I end with a poem that I wrote after a woman’s ritual at a Pagan festival.  Every time I read it, it puts a smile on my lips and a happy wonder in my heart about where my path will lead me next.

My Tree

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  1. January 16, 2012 8:32 PM

    Your poem is someting special and speaks to me very strongly.

    Are you familiar with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? I was lucky enough to receive a gift of imps (small samples) a few years back, one of which was Yggdrasil. THAT was an amazing perfume – it really smelled woody and cold and _ancient_. Not that I want to show you more things to spend money on, but the imps are very affordable 😉

    Looking forward to completing this project with you, buddy!


    • January 17, 2012 8:56 AM

      Thanks! Looking forward to doing this with you too…now I just need to figure out something for “b”



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