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PBP: The ABCs of Greek Myths

January 12, 2012

"a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging"

I found a year round blogging project bandwagon that I’m going to jump upon.  Hope I don’t fall off!  😉

A few years ago, I compiled some Greek myth ABCs in hopes of finding an artist to draw my imaginings for a children’s book or flash cards or a book to explain the myths seen in the flash cards.  It never happened and so instead of letting it rot on my computer, I’m going to share with you my vision.

Something like this would be a great way to introduce children (and adults) to the myths and would be great conversation starters about the gods.  Miscellaneous background items would be incorporated into the picture representing the desired letter including the Greek letter than corresponds to the English letter.


A for the apple of Eris

a woman with a mischievous smile tosses a Golden apple that says “for the fairest” at three pairs of sandled feet

B for the bow of Artemis

Artemis pulling a bow in a forest clearing, crescent moon high in the sky with bears and other animals

C for Hera’s crown

Hera sitting upon a cushion on her throne wearing a delicate crown with cows in the background holding a cuckoo scepter

D for day lit by Helios

Helios driving across the blue sky in his chariot with land below him

E for Pan’s ears

Pan with pointed ears playing his pipes with his music echoing off the nearby mountain-side.

F for Hestia’s flame

Hestia sitting in the hearth fire surrounded by friends and family holding a cup so that the libation that they pour into the flame ends up in her cup.

G for Demeter’s grain

Demeter holding grains of wheat in a field surrounded by greenery with a golden sickle and gecko nearby.

H for hounds of Hades

Hades wearing a helm surrounded by Cerberus and other hounds, his black horses in the back ground

I for Apollo’s instrument

Apollo playing lyre with an image of Icarus behind him and the Delphic Maxim “Respect your parents” underneath.

J for Hebe’s jug

Hebe with jug/pitcher pouring Heracles’ drink at a banquet

K for Hekate’s keys

Crossroad pillar where only one woman of indeterminate age is seen clearly and she is holding keys and a book.

L for Kybele’s lion

Kybele/Rhea wearing a dress decorated with black leaves surrounded by lions 

M for messages from Hermes

Hermes sitting at a desk surrounded by books, a computer, fax machine, phone, mail and cell phone with Greek and English letters on the wall.

N for night lit by Selene

Selene in her chariot in the night sky with the land below.

O for Athena’s owl

Athena with owl on shoulder standing near an olive tree.

P for Persephone’s pomegranate

Kore-Persephone holding an open pomegranate in a meadow that is spring, summer and fall

Q for quail of Hephaistos

Hephaestus designing a quail statue in his forge 

R for Aprodite’s roses

Aphrodite in a garden of roses

S for shield of Ares

Ares cleaning his shield, spear and sword with a snake nearby.

T for Poseidon’s trident

Poseidon holding a trident with the sea behind him and an earthquake in progress before him

U for urns of Zeus

Zeus in a doorway with two urns labeled blessings and curses.  Near the urns an umbrella

V for Vine of Dionysos

Dionysos dressed like a vagabond with vines, vegetation and vessels of wine all around him in a valley

W for wings of Eros

a young man (NOT BOY) with wings aiming an arrow at a couple, above him blowing winds

X for x-ray of Asklepios

Asklepios with snake on staff next to an x-ray and other medical equipment

Y for Aion’s year

Father Time surrounded by the zodiac/wheel of the year

Z for Gaia’s zoo

Gaia standing among animals including man and woman

5 Comments leave one →
  1. January 13, 2012 3:04 PM

    Have you seen Z is for Zeus?


  2. January 16, 2012 8:28 PM

    SUCH a great idea! And I like how you didn’t match the letters up with obvious choices. My mind is buzzing trying to decide on what the perfect art style would be 🙂 (HUSH, brain!!)



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