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Come in from out of the rain

January 11, 2012
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My writing happens when I’m inspired.  It could be an idea, a phrase or in this case a whole poem.  I saw a poem on Sannion’s blog as part of his agon for Dionysos.  (Winners of which were announced today. Congrats Ladies!)  I “Hermes-ed” it.  Then reworked the poem to suit my internal critic…err artist.  While the original was about Dionysos, this one is all about Zeus.  My thanks to Ms. Lawrence for the inspiration.

Come in from out of the rain,
you’ll catch your death of cold.
I waited until she was gone
to sneak out back.
Hidden by fences,
I enjoy the rain,
drenched in seconds.
I whirled around until dizzy.
I sang, I danced, I laughed,
filled with a wondrous joy.
Throwing my face up
to catch the rain on my tongue.
Cocking my head to hear
thunderous drumming
rumbling in time with my heart.
I saw blue-grey storm clouds
shaped like the form of a man.
Delirious I was with happiness
drenching me to the pore.
I didn’t know why then,
too young and too ignorant
to recognize god from myth.
That storm was my first introduction
to You and to dancing for joy.
These bones are much older now.
I am no longer as naive as I once was.
Yet I am still nimble enough
when the clouds drape the sky,
when the wind whispers sweet nothings,
when I feel that thunderous drum
to kick off my shoes and rush outside
to sing, to dance, to laugh
under blue-grey storm clouds
shaped like the form of a man.

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