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Full moon reading 1/9

January 9, 2012

Using Pearls of Wisdom Tarot deck (sorry no photo…forgot again):

  • Earth/Financially : Where do I need balance?  4 of Wands – reach out, spend time with others
  • Water/Spiritually:  What should be spiritual focus be?  6 of Pentacles – trust in abundance, ask for your needs to be fulfilled
  • Air/Mentally:  What do I need to contemplate?  Fool – Serpendipity; accept whatever comes, roll with the momentum
  • Fire/Physically:  What do I need to do? 4 of Cups – shift your perception; don’t stew
    • pop out 1:  Page of Swords – don’t be negative
    • pop out 2:  5 of Pentacles – emotional support
    • pop out 3:  Justice – it will happen
  • Leave behind:  Queen of Pentacles – the idea that you can fix it
  • Bring forward:  Knight of Cups – share emotions, sympathy
  • Affirmation:  “I am a traveler…this is but a bump on the road.”

q = Heirophant – adviser role


My sister is going through a tough time emotionally, mentally and financially.  I can’t be in Texas and I have no money to help her out.  It is bugging the hell out of me.  I want to rush down there, kick and fix it.  I can’t.  And according to the reading, I shouldn’t.  It goes against every big sister instinct I’ve got to resist the urge.  I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of various plans or things I want to do for her.  Since I’m not getting a lot of sleep to begin with you can image how this is NOT helping.  Supporting role.  Not my fight.  [head/desk]

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