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New Year Reading

January 1, 2012

So I have the house to myself for most of the day as Hubby and boychild did a quick trip to Denver to aid my in-laws with a project..  Started out with an attempt to meditate, did a few exercises upon rolling out of bed, then fixed the gods some breakfast (jasmine tea and cinnamon sugar on buttered toast) and read a prayer to them.  (I thought honoring the gods would be a nice way to start out the new year.)

The thought of doing a New Year’s reading occurred to me but I dismissed it.  Every indication is that something is coming down the pike and yet there has been no details.  I’m a detail person, so it drives me crazy.  Also Spiritually the new year starts in November or at the Solstice (I’m not really sure…maybe it starts at one and isn’t realized or felt until the latter). Yet the thought kept popping up along with the thought that physically, in the majority of the human community, today starts a new year so there is some power to that.  Ok so someone wants me to do a reading.  Someone who is pretty stubborn and is beating at my hard headedness.

So which layout?  I looked at several that have shown up in my inbox but my mind kept turning to a certain spread.  Ok, ok.  I get the point.  I’ll do that one.  Whoever wants to get this message out is pressing pretty hard, my third eye chakrah is aching.  Hopefully writing this reading here will help me find whatever I missed and allows that energy center to relax.  Used Animals Divine Tarot

New Year’s Layout


1   4   7

2   5   8

3   6   9

10   11   12  13

* Who?  (Originally this was meant to be who is pushing this reading but seems to be more about who I need to be or how I need to deal with this coming year.  I kept drawing cards trying to get a handle on the who all cards just pertained to myself.)

2 of Swords – Sparrow:  Stop being a frightened bird and open yourself to the new; meditate on choices

King of Pentacles – Jaguar:  use your inner strength

2 of Wands – Dragonfly:  trust your intuition (stop ignoring it, discounting it, etc.)

1) Physical Lesson for the past year: Chariot – Freya; to match my mental actions to the physical; to be more demonstrative of my spiritual beliefs
4)  What I learned/experienced:  9 of Swords – Crow; I have dealt with a lot of physical changes due to shifting hormones, specifically hot flashes and insomnia, and have had to play with supplements to try to deal with these changes.
7)  What to Expect in the coming Year:  6 of Wands – more physical changes or mental adjustments to deal with the physical changes

2)  Mental Lesson for the past year:  Hermit – Cernunnos; to rely less upon community opinion on spiritual matters and more upon my instincts, inutition and experience.
5)  What I Learned:  Challenge (Devil) – Rhiannon; to deal with my shadow self; not letting it get the upper hand
8 ) Mental Lesson for the coming year:  3 of Wands – Toad; to think creatively; combine the old with the new

3) Relationship Lesson from the past year:  8 of Wands – Ant; to be apart of a community but not subsumed by it.
6)  What I Learned:  5 of Swords – Bat; the easy way isn’t necessarily the right way
9) Relationship Lesson for the coming year:  8 of Pentacles – pay attention to the little things; reintegrate into your life whatever you have put onto the back burner

10)  Energy to release from the previous year:  Sun – Horus; the need/desire to understand; do more, think less
11)  What will help with this release:  Justice – Maat; follow your intuition, your heart; act in good consciousness and there will be nothing to worry about.
12)  Energy to welcome in the coming year:   Lovers; give and take; reciprocity. 
13) What will help with this:  Ace of Swords – Duckling; be more open and willing to do new things


As always, any thoughts are welcome…and my third eye still hurts.

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