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Thursday Reading 12/29

December 29, 2011

Feeling more chipper tonight, so I did my weekly Zeus ritual that I could not bring myself to do earlier today.  Filled the ktesios jar.  Tried out a new tarot spread that I think I will use weekly.  Found the original spread at Tarot Elements.  It seemed too unwieldy for a daily spread but perfect for a weekly.  I adjusted it slightly to suit me and the ritual.

It can be laid out from left to right in a horizontal line.  However, Cards 3-5, I lay out in a staggered fashion as they seem to relate to each other.  Used Alchemical Tarot Renewed tarot deck.

  1. Me – Ace of Wands:  a “live wire” that is full of potential
  2. Week’s Theme -4 of Wands:  Celebrations of the new year
  3. Challenges – Hermit:  being/feeling alone or left out
  4. Best Response – 3 of Wands:  be patient.  All things in time.
  5. Keep in Mind – 6 of Wands:  you are well thought of
  6. Final Thought – Ace of Wands:  I love you.
  7. Do this in my honor – 4 of Swords:  Meditate daily

Q = 28 = 10 Wheel of Fortune:  just another cycle, another turn of the wheel not worth the upset

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