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Dark Moon reading 12/25

December 29, 2011

This is a reading I did after dumping my latest worries about my sister.  I’m rather late putting this up.  Oopsy.  Used Pearls of Wisdom.

1-3 forms a crescent open to the left, 4-6 forms a crescent open to the right, 7 is between the two crecents

  1. Things to let go:  5 of Pentacles –  You can not fix this.  You can only listen.  Supporting role.
  2. Things to keep:  High Priestess – keep quiet, do/say nothing…oh and keep up your ritual schedule.
  3. Things yet to come:  Justice – Justice will be done.  Life will balance.
  4. How the world affects you:  2 of Wands – “Which way do I go?” Follow your intuition.
  5. What to give:  7 of Cups – give yourself permission to have some down time.  Relax.  Go within.
  6. What to receive:  Knight of Cups – friendship?
  7. What to learn:  4 of Swords – Meditate daily.

I’m getting lots of meditate cards.  I hate to meditate.  I’m not good at it.  It makes me sleepy too.

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