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Blue Funk

December 29, 2011

I’m in a blue funk.  Trying hard not to slide all the way in…it’s one of those “nobody likes me, wants to spend time with me, everybody hates me, should I try a worm?” type of funk.  I’ve let several things slide so I’ll try to get caught up on my tarot posts, craft posts, and links you need to see post.

I was pretty bad at getting pictures of everything I made or helped the boy child make this year.  We did some coloring with sharpies on flour cloth tea towels (yeah they still bled more than I like as I can’t figure out how to stop that and this is what the boychild wanted to do for his grandmothers).  We went to the local pottery store to paint a cup and a canister.  I colored some wood ornaments for my niece and nephew with sharpies.  I made a bunch of the woven snowflake/star ornaments out of scrap booking paper and gave them to acquaintances.  I made several of the fleece wraps.  Got the crazed marbles into pendents.

I did get the boychild’s annual ornament stitched though I haven’t made it into an ornament yet.  It is on my to do list.  He wants it to be “puffy”.

My own design at the request of my son. "I want an ornament of Santa flying over our house with Rudolph!"

I also did a “green” craft, recycling a used pie tin into a nifty star ornament for my tree.  I was tempted to paint it with some glitter polish, but I think I like it the way it is.  I do wish I had scored the lines better as the tutorial suggested but I did not have a “pen lid” to do it with and didn’t have the brain space to think of another option.

4.25" star made from a used disposable pie tin

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