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Agathos Daimon reading

December 29, 2011

This reading I hesitated to put up.  Partially because I had troubles ciphering it.  Partially because I didn’t like what I could figure out.  Used Celtic Dragon tarot.  (One’s agathos daimon is like a spirit that guides you but also seems to report back to higher authority…in my case Zeus. The day after the first crescent appears in the sky is the day to honor your agathos daimon.)

This is laid out like a list, vertical.

  1. Who are you?  2 of Swords – A friend who needs you to take a leap of trust
  2. What is your basic nature?  Page of Swords – messenger, observer, challenger, examiner
  3. What do you love?  4 of Cups – To ruminate
  4. What do you hate?  Queen of Cups – smugness; the “I got this under control” attitude
  5. What feeds you?  Chariot – harmonious balance, cooperation
  6. What repels them?  6 of Cups – Childishness
  7. Best way to interact with you?  Magician – Study and practice; trust, ask & receive; above all BELIEVE
  8. What now?
    1. Hermit & 9 of Cups – what you need is solitude right now
    2. 8 of Wands & Strength – you will find the upcoming month(?) taxing on your fortitude
    3. Knight of Wands & 10 of Swords – going off half cocked will cause nothing but trouble


As always, any input is always welcome.

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