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Heliogenna Wrap Up

December 26, 2011

Solstice I got some lovely gifts from my family…a watch and paper cutters from Hubby; from my son, a necklace with his birthstone in it that he picked out on his own.

The 23rd, we loaded up and headed down to Denver, running various errands along the way.

The 24th, we ran a few more errands then headed over to my mother’s where we spent the day with her, dad, sis, niece, nephew and friends.  We opened gifts that evening.  The best of which came from my sister…a winter cap in snow leopard print complete with cat ears.  Very fun and very cute.  I also got some nice clothes, some jewelry, a lovely teapot and a doily made out of peacock feathers that went on to my Lady’s altar last night.

The 25th, we spent with  my in-laws.  My son got some nifty gifts from Santa (it was a Star Wars themed year) and Hubby loaded up my stocking with decorated socks and chocolate.  Gotta love the man.  That afternoon, my brother-in-law and his family arrived.  After dinner we drove home.  That night I did my dark moon ritual.  A day late but better than not at all.  Will post my dark moon reading soon.

Today, I spent unpacking and sending out thank you notes to a few people who I was not able to thank in person for their gifts.  This evening I did my Noumenia ritual then rewrote the honoring mothers prayer.

My tree and the majority of my decorations will stay up until after New Year’s Day.  Until then my son and I will slowly work ourselves back into our typical routine after the frantic gift creating pace of the last month.  Maybe I’ll even get to read…

I hope your holiday season has been merry and bright.

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