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Day 6 of Heliogenna

December 23, 2011

I wrote this last year but do not remember writing it.  I found it when I was wondering what I did on this day last year.  I’m reposting it below because I’ve added a fourth section for my mother-in-law.

First I honor Mother Nature, sometimes known as Gaia, sometimes as Demeter.

Hail Earth Mother, Gentle Hearted Lady, Bright Goddess,
Hear my prayer and come to me.
Let your radiance pour upon me
Until my heart is full of joy;
Until laughter comes easily to my lips;
Until the only tears that I shed are of happiness.
Into your hands I give my needs and my sorrows.
Bless me with your wisdom.
Teach  me to hope when all is dark.
Teach me patience when all seems fallow.
Teach me to accept both stillness and change.
Grant me a life that is just, joyful and bounteous.
I ask your blessings for my family and my home
Bringing peace and well-being to all.
Hail Gracious Lady!

Next I honor the Mother of my soul, the Goddess to who I am dedicated.
Many know you as Hekate but I call you by the name you gave me for yourself.

Mother of my soul
Hidden One, I honor you
Paradox of light and Dark
You are patient with my blunders
Riddles that I must solve
you are the joy that I seek
A reminder of what needs retrieved
Ancient healer who soothes
Sorrows not consciously realized
Lady of Fire patiently illuminating
The path to your side
To stand in your shadow
To hear the song of your heart
To be transformed by your love
Anticipate joy, live for the present
Riddles solved by taking a step
Don’t ponder, just do.
Mother of my soul, I honor you.

Next I honor my flesh and blood mother

Mother of my body, I honor you.
You who have loved me and
Supported me despite your fears and doubts.
Though we do not see eye-to-eye
I am a product of my upbringing.
My ability to go my own way
Is a tribute to your efforts.
Mother of my body, I honor you.

Lastly I honor my mother-in-law.

Mother of my husband, I honor you.
You who gave life to my wonderful husband
You who welcomed me into the family
and treated me as one of your brood.
Though we do not always see eye-to-eye
I appreciate all you have done for me.
Mother of my husband, I honor you.

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