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Homemade Tile Coasters

December 21, 2011

Saw a craft in several different places that I wanted to try.  Hubby said he didn’t think it would work.  I told him that there are pictures of it all over the web so it has to work.  So I:   bought the tiles (well the wrong ones the first time as they had a bullnose), had my son paint some butcher paper, cut sections from the dried painting, trimmed them to fit the tiles, watered down some clear elmer’s glue (since I choke every time I see the price of modge podge), painted glue on the tile, placed the painted squares on the tile, smoothed it out the best I could then painted glue over the top of it, let it dry and put another layer on…and repeat.  Then I turned them over to Hubby for him to seal.   They came out fantastic.  I’m very tempted to keep them they look so slick.  Hubby likes them too and, even better, had to eat his words about it not working.  🙂

I followed the tutorial I found at Merriment Design.  I wouldn’t fret about air pockets too much, all mine sucked down with no problems.  Be aware that if your child used standard finger paints that the paint will bleed a little with the application of the watered down glue.  Not badly but enough to leave faint color on the edges of the tile.

These are just so nifty...I don't wanna give them away!

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  1. December 22, 2011 8:30 PM

    Those are flippin’ gorgeous! Quick, get that kid an agent. Naw, just pump him for every little bit of creativity he can produce, before he gets too self-conscious to let it flow freely. First, he can do the kitchen, then move on to the bathrooms ;D



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