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Day Three of Heliogenna

December 20, 2011

On Day Three of Heliogenna, I remember and honor the Khthonic Gods and my ancestors of blood and spirit:

Hestia, Keeper of the Flame, where ever she is, the Gods have a home.
Zeus, of earthly mien, I am thankful for your loving care.
Hekate, Guardian and Guide, you do me much honor.
Hades who is strong and firm in his rule yet not unkind
Persephone who is fierce and merciful in her duties
Kronos, Father Time, who is now ruler of the blessed isles
Hermes who guides the dead to their soul’s resting place.
the Dioskouroi, Zeus’ twins both mortal and divine, protectors both.
the Moirae, thread-handlers, who know all plans and schemes
the Eumenides as they are pleased with atonement.
Thanatos, whose touch brings death, wanted or not.
Hypnos, gentle lord of sleep, may you aid me in my nightly rest.
Helios who has been spending too much time with his khthonic brethern.
I remember the divine attendants of all the divinities who often go unnoticed.
I honor all the many Gods I have not mentioned by name, may they remember me favorably.
I remember the blessed dead, those of blood, spirit and country.
Lastly I honor Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, who encourages harmony in the home, both mortal and divine.

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