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Day Two of Heliogenna

December 19, 2011

On day two of Heliogenna, I remember and honor the Olympians and Gods of the Sky:

Hestia, Keeper of the Flame, for wherever she is, the Gods have a home.
Zeus, Father of Gods and men, I am thankful for your loving care,
Queen Hera, for she is the lovely wife of my beloved lord.
Hekate, Lady of Land, Sea and Sky, you do me much honor.
Hermes, for he is messenger, wanderer and wordsmith.
Aphrodite, loveliest of all the Goddesses who entwines around all.
Eros, whose darts pierce the hearts of mortals and Gods alike
Tykhe, Keeper of the Horn of Amalthea, may you bless me with enough.
Ares, Beloved of Aphrodite, strong warrior who keeps our soldiers safe.
Demeter, mistress of fields, I look forward to the end of your mourning.
Kore, flower loving maiden whose return always makes me glad.
Artemis, Lady of Nymphs, help me to be strong.
Apollo, Protector of youths, for the guidance he gives my son.
Asklepios whose healing skill is admired by all.
Hephaestus, Master Craftsman who watches over my husband.
Dionysos, wearer of the ivy who dances in and out of my life.
Ariadne, Beloved of Dionysos, Lady of the Labyrinth
Dioskouroi, Zeus’ twins, both mortal and divine, who protect my home.
Poseidon, Lord of Sea and Shaker of Earth.
Athena, wise Lady, grey-eyed and crafty.
Nyx, star spangled lady who darkens our day.
Selene, Lamp of Night and symbol of the feminine.
Helios, whose fiery light warms my day and has wandered too long away.
Eos, who wakens my son earlier than I would like.
the Anemi who keep everything moving.
Iris, messenger of Hera, who brightens a rainy day.
Eris, who brings discord among the Immortals, but also laughter.
I hail all the many Gods I have not mentioned by name, may they remember me favorably.
I also remember the divine attendants of all the gods who often go unnoticed.
Lastly, I remember Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, who encourages harmony in the home, both mortal and divine.

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