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Day One of Heliogenna

December 18, 2011

Today I honor the Protogenoi (and nymphs/fey who I personally classify as Protogenoi)

I call to thee this first day of Heliogenna
and give thee the honor that is thy due oh Protogenoi.
First I honor gracious Mama Gaia,
draped in island spotted waters and
patterned with mountains and valleys,
you hold us all to your bosom
and provide the bounty to survive.
Next I honor he that resides above Gaia
the dome of heaven, her lover of old,
who is decorated with stars and light.
I also honor he that cradles Gaia from below,
the pit of the underworld, rival to the dome.
I honor those that move between this triad:
the blue light of heaven who illuminates the dome
and his wife, who daily scatters the dark mists of her father
which is spread out nightly by her star spangled mother.
There is Khaos who laughs at one’s confusion
and all encompassing Necessity, mate of eternal Time.
Finally there is Phanes, driver of the cart of procreation
And his consort the wise and beautiful Thesis.
Let me not forget the nymphs and fey who are Gaia’s attendants.
Gods and fey, you designed and decorate my world,
For this I honor you, Hail Glorious Protogenoi.


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