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12/11 Full Moon Reading

December 11, 2011

I celebrated the full moon tonight, as last night I was participating in girls night.  We laughed, talked about our children and husbands then watched “The Help”.  It was a nice feeling of sisterhood last night, but due to my reoccurring insomnia issues, I was too tired to do the full moon ritual.

Pearls of Wisdom Tarot deck

  1. Where do I need balance? 2 of Pentacles – balance spiritual and physical life.
    1. In what fashion?  3 of cups – be more active in your spiritual life and more spiritual as you go about your day
  2. What should my spiritual focus be? Hermit – the book pops out at me…work on my “Book of Shadows”?
    1. 7 of Cups – create your life/path.  I’ll take that as a yes.
  3. What should I contemplate?  8 of Pentacles – the joys of creating
  4. What do I physically need to do?  King of Cups – the presents jump out at me as does the crabs; be generous and go with the flow
  5. Leave behind…  8 of Wands – stop doing as others do.  Leave that behind.
  6. Bring forward… 6 of Cups – fill you own cup, do when fulfills you
  7. Affirmation – Tower – “I am liberated from the old in preparation for the new.”

Q = 59=14= Temperance –  blend opposites into a harmonizing third

So I need to work on the book that I refer to when necessary in rituals.  I need to enjoy and be generous this holiday season, going with flow, blending my Pagan now with my Christian past/family and stop relying so much on the how others say things should be done and do it how it feels right to me.


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