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Some Holiday Crafts

December 5, 2011

My son and I did a couple holiday crafts together last week.  I dyed some rice green and then we went to town on some red card stock.

rice tree

rice wreath with a small drop of something on there. Need to figure out how to cover that up.

I got the original idea from Lila.  I used food coloring to dye the rice.  I then printed out a tree shape from the internet.  We had a bunch of rice left so I traced around two bowls for the wreath.  To decorate the wreath, we used glitter glue.

Now last week I mentioned a woven star that I wanted to try.  I did buy some fancy paper (only one side as I could not find double sided paper…haven’t decided if I’m going to keep the back plain or not).  Yet I wanted to try the craft on a smaller basis before I used the fancy/expensive stuff.  Found a video tutorial for a smaller version, but I really hate having to watch a video to see how to do something as they are hard to look up when doing the project.  Found another tutorial that was done in pictures after I completed the below.  These are a great size for putting on the tree or gifts.  It is especially easy if you have a paper cutter to make the strips.  I did mine with scrapbook paper and paste glue.

woven star - easier to make than you would think.

Unlike the tutorial, I trimmed the ends.  You could also take more paper strips and add on some more curls if you would like.  I also think I liked the way the tutorial pushed the strips close together for the center better than what I did.  I’d be curious to try this with some stiff ribbon.

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