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Thankful Day 15

November 15, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, money has been tight.  So tight that I haven’t even been able to order the two anthologies in which I have letterings.  Today though, Hubby put some more money in our account so I can probably pay the rest of the bills for the month.  I don’t know for sure as I haven’t looked that closely.  Yet I know there are many out there that are NOT as lucky.  Money may be tight but we are still doing better than a lot of people.

I am lucky that I have a Hubby who is not afraid of work.  I do mean work.  As in manual labor.  He does have a BS in electrical engineering yet builds custom homes and also is a master electrician.  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, I can’t do physical labor.  My torn rotary cuffs make that…well not impossible, but very painful especially repetitive motion or working over my head.  There are jobs out there but we as a nation have gotten either lazy or snobbish.  I’m not sure which.  Americans do not want to build homes, clean office buildings, etc.  Americans want nice cushy office jobs that make lots of money.  I do mean we.  While I have worked with Hubby on his own jobs, on apartment sites, etc., it isn’t a job I liked or particularly wanted to do.  I did it because we needed the money.   I did it until I could handle the backlash from it any more.  Hubby is also lucky in that he enjoys his work.  Not many can say that.

So today I’m thankful that we are able to pay our bills  and that Hubby is a “productive member of society” who is rarely out of work more than a couple of months (all due to the vagaries of construction and not because he doesn’t want to be working.  Trust me, the man would be a workaholic if I’d let him.  Yep that’s me , the nagging wife.  I grew up with a workaholic father.  I do not want that for our son).

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