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Thankful Day 14

November 14, 2011

Today I am thankful for my creative streak and my supportive Hubby (whose money I save because of it).

Hubby’s latest out of work streak really strained our finances.  Our savings is tapped out and we are playing catch up on our bills.  Last night I found myself stressing over gift giving this year.  I haven’t done that in a while.  I enjoy giving gifts especially ones that I think someone will really like.  I enjoy crafting.  But not everyone enjoys homemade gifts or there are those that don’t need anything or are extremely hard to buy for…they are the ones that are giving me fits.  Did a fair amount of searching on-line today and am slowly finding ideas of what to make people.  But at least I can.  I know several of my friends who don’t even try crafting despite their enjoyment of crafted stuff.   Then there are the easy people “I like everything you make so whatever you make me is fine” and that wasn’t even my mother.  🙂

So I’m thankful that I at least have the ability and the willingness to make gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

In other news, I’ve caught my son, twice in the last week, breaking my trust in him by stealing stuff around the house.  First it was candy before we got up in the morning (and not a little of it either).  Today it was getting his legos that are in time-out (stored in the garage where I thought it was out of his reach) for not picking them up when told.  Mixed up in this was attempts to lie before his natural honesty streak had him confessing the truth (he has a real WIDE honesty streak…gets that from his dad I think.)  He screwed himself over twice on this one.  I told him that he had been on the verge of getting them back but now will not get them until probably after Christmas  AND that he would not be getting any new legos as gifts from us for Yule.  (He really wanted some of the Star Wars legos that has the figurines in them specifically the storm troopers.)  I’m just thankful that his stealing has been done around home and NOT at a store.  I’m less surprised about the candy than I am the legos.  That just floored me.

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