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11/10 full moon reading

November 11, 2011

using Pearls of Wisdom

Hey look!  I remembered to take a picture!  Amazing.  I did this reading during my full moon ritual last night.  I was pretty tired due to a lack of sleep the night before so again my interpretations may not be the greatest.  Feel free to give me your opinion.

  1. Earth/Financially : Where do I need balance? 2 of Swords – (had a hard time with this one)  I’m doing pretty well maintaining balance?  Or is this a case of all things in moderation, including moderation?
  2. Water/Spiritually:  What should be spiritual focus be?  Ace of Wands – continue focusing on establishing a relationship with your guides
  3. Air/Mentally:  What do I need to contemplate?  2 of Pentacles – remember that balance is not a static process but the swinging from one side to the other.  Believe that you can manage to keep yourself in balance.
  4. Fire/Physically:  What do I need to do?  7 of Pentacles –  ????
  5. Leave behind:  Hermit – your studies, interact more?
  6. Bring forward: Knight of Swords – your enthusiasm?
  7. Affirmation:  Knight of Pentacles – Slow and steady wins the course.
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