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Thankful Day 3

November 3, 2011
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Today I am thankful for music and the ability to hear it.  Music moves me like few things can…to lust, to tears, to longing…goods moods, bad moods, party moods…  I like dance music, symphonic music, slow dance music…classical, country, pop, rock, oldies, new age, jazz,…there isn’t much that I don’t like.  (Well except for rap.  Can’t stand the majority of it.)  I was in band from 4th grade and into college.  I played in symphonic bands, pep bands and marching bands.  I’ve played flute, piccolo, alto-flute and xylophone.  I can’t say I was ever very good, but I enjoyed it.  My husband played even more instruments than I did.  My son enjoys music too.  Though lately all he wants to sing is a phonics song, the ABCs and the wheels go round.  While I love to sing with/to him, am I a bad mom if I admit that I’m rather tired of these songs?

“Please honey, not that song again…”

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