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Magazine Bows for Presents

October 24, 2011

I originally found this tutorial here.  When I went to find this link for a friend who wanted to try it, I realized the pictures of the tutorial are no longer available.  So I’m recreating it here so that others can do this.  It takes a little more time than I would like for a “quick” project but the results are worth it.  This is what I’m going to show you how to make.

The final product: a bow worthy of any gift!

This is the image I'm using. It is actually the front page of a chocolate catalog.

Turn you image over and make lines 1/2 inch apart on the paper.


1.  The image on the left is what I want to see in my bow.  I try to pick pictures with pleasing colors and not a lot of words.







2.  Turn the image over and draw lines lengthwise, 1/2 inch apart.  Cut on these lines to form strips.


Cut the on the lines so that you have strips. Leave 4 full length. Cut 1 inch off of 3, 2 inches off a second set of three and 3 inches of the third set of three. The final strip is 3 inches long.

3.  Set 4 of the strips aside.  Take 3 strips and cut 1 inch off.  Take a different set of 3 strips and cut 2 inches off.  Take one more set of 3 strips and cut 3 inches off.  The final strip needs to be 3 inches in total length as this will be the finishing touch on your bow.  Any strips that are left can be put in the recycling bin.  Keep in mind the final project.  Try to cut off as much lettering or other unattractive features as possible.  (In quilting, they call this fancy cutting.)

Twist all the strips (except for the 3 inch strip) into skinny figure 8s. I used tape to secure. The 3 inch strip is made into a circle.

4.  Twist all the trips into skinny 8s.  The original directions said to use staples to secure but I used tape.  The final 3 inch strip needs to be taped into a circle.

Starting with the biggest ones and working up to the smallest ones, layer the 8s in a eye pleasing pattern.

5. Layer the 8s in a pleasing pattern starting with the biggest and work up to the smallest.  For maximum stability, tape each addition to the one below it.  The circle is the final addition.

Made from a cruise-line magazine advertisement.

The above bow was made from a cruise-line advertisement.





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  1. November 1, 2011 4:11 PM

    great repurposing idea!


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