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Moon-cycle spread and reading

October 19, 2011

I was asked by a friend to do a reading about removing the negativity from her life.  I had no clue about what spread to use until just before I started.  I had a visual of a moon cycle spread I saw on another tarot site but didn’t keep as I didn’t care for the assigned meanings for the layout.  So I reassigned the meanings.  Below is the transcript of our chat with some slight editing to maintain clarity and privacy.  My typing will be in italics and hers in non-italics.  Deck is Animals Divine.


I’m going to start off with a 4 card spread based on the moon cycle. Waxing crescent will be what to do to start, full moon the meat of the activity, Waning crescent will be things to remember and Dark moon will be a mantra. Sound good?

you are the tarot reader – so I am leaving it to you

Waxing Crescent: Kuan Yin as the Star. The first thing that come to mind with this card is you need to develop a more positive outlook on life. The second is that you need to be more compassionate with yourself, stop letting your dark side (the one that says all the negative things about yourself) rule and bring you down. Kuan Yin is a great goddess of compassion, you can always ask her for help.

ouch – yes I do tend to have rather low self esteem

Full Moon is Cerridwen as the Magician. You need to redirect your energies into more positive channels and in a more productive manner. You may need to spend more time with nature or with animals who do not judge so much by appearance but by action. Also if you do not journal, maybe you should start. You can describe your day in positive terms or write down everything that is wrong and then find something positive that you can do about it, even if it is only in changing the way you think.

okay get back to blogging – that is something I have been putting off as I didn’t want to write winge-o-grams

Waning crescent – Guinea Pig as Ace of Pentacles. Set goals and then work towards those goals. Not just physical/material goals but mental/spiritual goals. Make big ones and small ones as the small ones will keep you going and the big ones will give you a sense of accomplishment.

hmm back to list writing – both for physical and spiritual items

Dark Moon – Giraffe as 7 of Pentacles: “Reach for the stars.”

whoa! okay that last one came out of left field a bit!

The card is about going beyond self-imposed limits.
Remember this is your “mantra” card.

is that physical or spiritual.mental limits?


okay worried about going above my limits physically (last time I did that I was a week in hospital) but mental/spiritual, yep I can certainly try and push harder with that one

This does not mean you should over do it. Moving one half inch more still means you went beyond your usual limit. This card applies to any and all limits you place upon yourself…mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.

okay so try and get upstairs that smidge faster, stand for 30 seconds longer – okay (I used to be an over achiever and I am never sure of what my limits are!)

Physical therapy comes to mind…therapists are always pushing you to try just a little bit more, a little harder, etc. Consider this card a therapist card.

okay .. right (hmm so trying yoga again would be a good one)

That’s the other thing, I can’t seem to figure out my animal guide (very fuzzy)

always seems to be a dark animal though

I’m currently reading a book about guides (not necessarily animal). By my understanding, you don’t have just one typically. It changes with your needs though you may have one that stays with you all your life. Also the animal guide may just be a symbol for the actual guide. Maybe make that one of your goals. Through meditation find your spirit guides.

okay – so as I start my blogs again

need to set myself a target of writing in ONE of them each day

The important part is putting a positive outlook on everything (which as a pessimist, I know can be really hard). By having a more positive outlook you can invite more positivity into your life.

okay – that seems reasonable
maybe I should get back to pulling a Tarot Card and Goddess card to focus on daily?

it could always help. Give yourself a mantra to say when you are really bogged down and help you learn the tarot more. There is always something about that card that applies to your day, you job is to figure out what and journal it for later reference if needed. When I do this, I keep a tarot journal where I list meanings.

So I’m going to post this spread on my blog (not your reading just the spread) as I think it was a useful way to systematically address an issue.

you can post the reading as well if you want (including my responses)

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  1. October 19, 2011 11:23 PM

    That’s a really interesting spread. I love readings readings – because you see how some people read for others and that’s interesting.

    Would you mind if I adapted it in a “normal spread” format and translated it in french ? 🙂 I think it might interest some people I know.


  2. October 20, 2011 7:29 AM

    You mean something more like this?

    Go ahead. Translate and share just give me credit please.


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