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Full Moon Reading

October 11, 2011

Full moon layout can be found above under the Tarot Spread menu.  Used Pearls of Wisdom.  (Pics of this deck are hard to find due to publisher snarkiness.  Sorry.)

  1. Earth/Physically: Where do I need balance? Knight of Wands – Be more active, more spontaneous, more aware of needs, yours and others
  2. Water/Spiritually:  What should be spiritual focus be? 10 of Pentacles – focus on building a spiritual routine
  3. Air/Mentally:  What do I need to contemplate? 4 of Swords – Meditate more to connect with guides
  4. Fire/Actively:  What do I need to do? King of Cups – be more emotionally mature, control temper, set boundaries and consequences, be compassionate.
  5. Leave behind:  Queen of Wands – leave behind anger, jealousy and pettiness as your perceptions are skewed.
  6. Bring forward:  Star – bring forward the spirit of compromise
  7. Affirmation:  10 of Swords – It will only get better.

Q = Heirophant –  allow customary actions to reign at this time

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