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Halloween Jar Lanterns

October 5, 2011

As promised, I took a picture of our jar craft before my son starts giving them away.  I’m trying to keep as many as possible because they are so cute!  The ghosts are made using glow in the dark paint.  My son told me what faces to place on the jars.  One of them goes to his grandmother and he’s trying to talk me into giving the another one to a friend of his…but I really don’t want to break up the set!

Made using old canning jars and salsa jars

Directions to make these are pretty much all over the ‘net.  Pour acrylic paint into glass jar.  (Originally we tried to paint with foam brushes but hated the streaks it left behind.)  Swirl until completely coated.  Dry.  (Excess paint will drain to the bottom so if you want it to dry quicker, turn upside down and drain onto paper or something.)  Once completely dry, do a second coat if necessary (glow in the dark paint required a second coat).  Use puff paint to draw faces on the exterior of the jar.  Once that is dry, wrap desired ribbon around the lip of the jar.  If I had curling ribbon, I would have used that.

Be aware that glow in the dark paint really doesn’t glow for long, so it will still require a light source.  Use with tea lights or electric lights.  Wash with extreme care and only if REALLY necessary.

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