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Dear Ms. Laurel Hamilton

October 3, 2011

(this is a ranty draft of a letter I’d send if I honestly thought the author would read it.  I love her stories but the way she has been ending them really leaves me frustrated.)  EDIT:  Spoiler alert for Hit List is below!

I enjoy your writing.  I really do but before you think this is just another sycophant letter, I’m going to get to the point.  I just finished reading “Hit List” it was great…until the end.  You built the story, whose main topic was NOT about Anita’s sex life for a change (not that I have a problem with her sex life…if I could only be so lucky with a mere fraction of that!) for an actual story line  similar in scope to the earlier books to end so it so suddenly that I at first wondered if my book was a misprint.   Anita just sucks up Mother of Darkness in a proverbial snap of her fingers.  Easy as pie.  The end.  Ummm what?!

Your last book was this way too.  It is like you either get bored with the story line or run out of ideas so just suddenly finish it.  What is with this?  The early books in this series were never this way.  They had a complete ending not a quick one so that you can send the kids to bed already.  Are you putting out books too quickly?  I’d rather you take more time between books then end them in a fashion which makes me go “WTF?!”  Your characters are great and always leaving me wishing I could meet them… but the rush to end your stories lately seems… I don’t know … amateurish.

You are a great writer but I know you can do better endings than this.  This ending was too quick and too easy though I can already imagine the future problems that intake of mojo is going to cause.  My point is the whole book is about Anita and Edward trying to keep Anita safe while trying to take out the same Harlquinn who are trying to get her.   The whole book!  Then Anita’s caught and makes good headway in escaping only to run out of time.  Now she is in the big badie’s arms, suddenly knows what to do, manages to triumphantly suck the “life” out of the scariest vampire of all and its done (minus tying up tiny details like Ethan, Olaf and such).   All done in a couple of paragraphs. Why the big build up if  ending is going to be so quick, easy and painless?  I just don’t understand.  It’s like going to a magnificent seven course meal to have dessert be soft serve ice cream.  Ugh.  I just don’t understand and frankly I think this is below your writing abilities.  You are much better than this.

Sincerely, Me

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  1. October 4, 2011 11:22 PM

    Hmm, you should put a spoiler alert on this post! Other than that, I completely agree with you (well, without having read the last installment yet). Sounds like a case of writer’s premature ejaculation – talk about frustrating! 😉


    • October 5, 2011 7:31 AM

      Oopsy. Sorry about that. I wrote it late, just before bed and didn’t think about that. Will change it now. Very frustrating as I so enjoy her stories.


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