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Catching up

October 3, 2011

A quick run down on what I have been doing…

  • I’ve had insomnia for the better part of two months.  Right now the only way I get any sleep is to take valerian.  Tried calling my doc who I do not have the money to see.  One of her nurse practitioners returned my call.  A lady I’ve never seen more less spoke to…displeased, told her what was going on.  Long story short, as soon as I said something about heat flashes, she laid the blame on peri-menopause without listening to anything else I said.  Only suggestions that she gave me that I hadn’t tried at that point was valerian and acupuncture.  Since trying the valerian was cheaper, I went with that first.  It doesn’t keep me asleep as I wake up often but I’m always able to return to sleep.
  • Spending a fair chunk of time in Denver.  Hubby doesn’t have consistent work at home, so he’s doing work down here.  We still don’t know if we will have enough money to pay bills this month.
  • This means I’m living at my in-laws…the bad part of that is bumping heads with them over the discipline and feeding of my child.  Sigh.  Not really areas I expected to have issues with…silly me.  He plays them off of me/us and they can’t seem to see it.  When I try to discuss it with them I get the “grandparents right to spoil the grandchild” crap.  Yet I get tired of having to deal with the fall out when they are not around as I will not continue with their actions.
  • My son and I started a craft when mom was visiting.  We have painted some jars for Halloween.  Need to finish them up whenever we get home and I’ll post a picture.
  • Finished reading Karen Moning’s Fever series.  I really enjoyed this series as I couldn’t predict what was going to happen.
  • Watched Transformer 3.  I enjoyed it.   Had a hell of a time figuring out who the voice of Sentinel Prime was…he never spoke enough for me to figure it out.  Felt rather stupid when I read the credits.  It was Leonard Nimoy.  The blond bimbo was no where near as pretty as the original female lead.  The blond had too much botox or something happening.
  • Went to the dollar theater and saw Captain America.  It was a summer movie but I enjoyed it.  Need to see it again without the boy-child because I missed things.  He wasn’t very well behaved this time.  Overly tired I think but that is another bone of contention with my MIL.  I will say I HATED the ending.  The Captain should have got that dance!  (Thor was a better summer movie…and better looking too!)
  • Had brunch with some friends yesterday.  They found a gift they wanted to give me…a silk flower barrette with a skull in the middle of it.  Very nifty.
  • One of my poems has been accepted to another Pagan publications.  Need to get the contract returned this week.
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